D.3 Program development

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D3 – Program development (HL & SL)

D.3.1Define the terms: class, identifier, primitive, instance variable, parameter variable, local variableD.3.1
D.3.2Define the terms: method, accessor, mutator, constructor, signature, return valueD.3.2
D.3.3Define the terms: private, protected, public, extends, staticD.3.3
D.3.4Describe the uses of the primitive data types and the reference class stringD.3.4
D.3.5Construct code to implement assessment statementsD.3.5
D.3.6Construct code examples related to selection statementsD.3.6
D.3.7Construct code examples related to repetition statementsD.3.7
D.3.8Construct code examples related to static arraysD.3.8
D.3.9Discuss the features of modern programming languages that enable internationalisationD.3.9
D.3.10Discuss the ethical and moral obligations of programmersD.3.10