D.3 Program development

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D3 – Program development (HL & SL)

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D.3.1 Define the terms: class, identifier, primitive, instance variable, parameter variable, local variable D.3.1
D.3.2 Define the terms: method, accessor, mutator, constructor, signature, return value D.3.2
D.3.3 Define the terms: private, protected, public, extends, static D.3.3
D.3.4 Describe the uses of the primitive data types and the reference class string D.3.4
D.3.5 Construct code to implement assessment statements D.3.5
D.3.6 Construct code examples related to selection statements D.3.6
D.3.7 Construct code examples related to repetition statements D.3.7
D.3.8 Construct code examples related to static arrays D.3.8
D.3.9 Discuss the features of modern programming languages that enable internationalisation D.3.9
D.3.10 Discuss the ethical and moral obligations of programmers D.3.10