Looking for JETS?

The IBO publishes specific guidelines (called the Java Examination Tool Subset). It can be downloaded here: JETS – Java rules.

Looking for IBIO?

The IBO uses several proprietary input and output methods to shorten the input/output process. The are published in a library called the IBIO and can be downloaded here. To use these methods, copy and paste them into the relevant driver class (before the main method).

New to Java?

Here are 6 presentations used to teach Java to beginners

Java for Beginners – Level 0 – setup – How to set up an IDE (Eclipse)

Java for Beginners – Level 1 – Variable types

Java for Beginners – Level 2 – Strings and calculations

Java for Beginners – Level 3 – IF (Selection) & random numbers

Java for Beginners – Level 4a – FOR loops (Iteration)

Java for Beginners – Level 4b – WHILE loops (Iteration)

Java for Beginners – Level 6a – Arrays (Linear & 2D)

Java for Beginners – Level 6b – LinkedLists

Java for Beginners – Level 7 – File handling (Reading & writing to text files)

Java for Beginners – Level 8 – Methods

Here is a link to lots of Java examples: Java Examples

More useful Java resources

Here are useful web links for resources scattered all over the world wide web. If you know of any we can add, please let us know.

Comprehensive Java “cheat sheet”

University of Helsinki’s Java MOOC

Java notes with coding examples (including GUI)

Excellent (free!) Java Course for Beginners on Udemy

Tutorials Point – Java Quick Guide

Nanyung University’s GUI guide (good!)

Oracle’s tutorial on GUI (using Swing)

Alvin Alexander’s JOptionPane tutorials


Looking for Java examples?

Java code examples (server can be a bit slow)

Happy codings – examples of more complex Java programming