Here is a link to revision resources used by/suggested by my students:

Quizlet – flashcards on Topic 1-7 – Thanks P. Sudhakar!

Notes on Topic D – OOP (look at the last column!) – Thanks D. Mulkey!

Notes on Topic 4 – Algorithms (look at the last column!) – Thanks D. Mulkey!

Option D (OOP) Revision Guide – Thanks C. Ghali!

Topic Test – testing all major topics in IB CS

Notes on topic 5, Paper 2 Option C and Paper 3 – Thanks M. Guse!

Summary of command terms (important to know for deciphering questions)


Recursion is an important but tricky part of the curriculum. It features in both Paper 1 (in Topic 4) and in Paper 2‘s OOP option  (in Topic D4).

Here are a few links to some resources that explain this concept in more detail:

Wikibooks A-Level explanation (also applicable to IB CS HL)

University of Utah – CompSci Department

Recursion for Dummies (book extract)