D.2 Features of OOP

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D2 – Features of OOP (HL & SL)

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D.2.1 Define the term: encapsulation D.2.1
D.2.2 Define the term: inheritance D.2.2
D.2.3 Define the term: polymorphism D.2.3
D.2.4 Explain the advantages of encapsulation D.2.4
D.2.5 Explain the advantages of inheritance D.2.5
D.2.6 Explain the advantages of polymorphism D.2.6
D.2.7 Describe the advantages of libraries of objects D.2.7
D.2.8 Describe the disadvantages of OOP D.2.8
D.2.9 Discuss the use of programming teams D.2.9
D.2.10 Explain the advantages of modularity in program development D.2.10