D.2 Features of OOP

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D2 – Features of OOP (HL & SL)

D.2.1Define the term: encapsulationD.2.1
D.2.2Define the term: inheritanceD.2.2
D.2.3Define the term: polymorphismD.2.3
D.2.4Explain the advantages of encapsulationD.2.4
D.2.5Explain the advantages of inheritanceD.2.5
D.2.6Explain the advantages of polymorphismD.2.6
D.2.7Describe the advantages of libraries of objectsD.2.7
D.2.8Describe the disadvantages of OOPD.2.8
D.2.9Discuss the use of programming teamsD.2.9
D.2.10Explain the advantages of modularity in program developmentD.2.10