Paper 3

For HL students only, the third exam involves doing research on a topic that is released by the IBO every year.

Here is what the moderator suggests in preparation for this exam:

Higher Level Paper 3 is a paper that demands significant research on the part of the candidate, guided, of course, by the class teacher. When it comes to answering questions, the focus throughout the paper is on the depth of understanding of the subject material. This is not a paper that can be answered successfully with general knowledge acquired through brief encounters with the material, but only through a well-planned course which places sufficient emphasis on the candidates’ own responsibility to research the case study in depth.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to plan for this paper a year in advance. One possible way to start is to get the students to contextualize the various terms and ideas, many of which will initially be unfamiliar. Getting the class to construct mind maps linking these terms and ideas is one possibility. Dividing up the additional terminology amongst the class and setting them research over their vacation is another. It is envisaged that research undertaken outside of the classroom will feature heavily.

This paper clearly rewards those students who are prepared to research in depth the various areas in the relevant case study and who are able to demonstrate their understanding in the examination. This should be made clear to

Because this website is no longer updated regularly, please see this website for details on the most recent Paper 3 Case Study: Block Chain Case Study 2020-2021

Note that the 2021 case study is a repeat of the 2020 case study (see the front page of the case study for confirmation)