Topic 6

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6.1 – Resource Management (HL only)

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System resources
6.1.1 Identify the resources that need to be managed within a computer system 6.1.1  Video
6.1.2 Evaluate the resources available in a variety of computer systems 6.1.2 Video
6.1.3 Identify the limitations of a range of resources in a specified computer system 6.1.3  Video
6.1.4 Describe the possible problems resulting from the limitations in the resources in a computer system 6.1.4  
Role of the operating system
6.1.5 Explain the role of the operating system in terms of managing memory, peripherals and hardware interfaces 6.1.5  Video
6.1.7 Outline OS resource management techniques: scheduling, policies, multitasking, virtual memory, paging, interrupt, polling  6.1.7  Video
6.1.8 Discuss the advantages of producing a dedicated operating system for a device  6.1.8 Video
6.1.9 Outline how an operating system hides the complexity of the hardware from users and applications  6.1.9