Topic 1.1

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1.1 – Systems in Organizations (HL & SL)

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Planning and system installation
1.1.1Identify the context for which a new system is planned.1.1.1
1.1.2Describe the need for change management1.1.2
1.1.3Outline compatibility issues resulting from situations including legacy systems or business mergers.1.1.3
1.1.4Compare the implementation of systems using a client’s hardware with hosting systems remotely1.1.4
1.1.5Evaluate alternative installation processes1.1.5
1.1.6Discuss problems that may arise as a part of data migration1.1.6
1.1.7Suggest various types of testing1.1.7
User focus
1.1.8Describe the importance of user documentation1.1.8
1.1.9Evaluate different methods of providing user documentation1.1.9
1.1.10Evaluate different methods of delivering user training1.1.10
System Backup
1.1.11Identify a range of causes of data loss1.1.11
1.1.12Outline the consequences of data loss in a specified situation1.1.12
1.1.13Describe a range of methods that can be used to prevent data loss 1.1.13
Software Deployment
1.1.14Describe strategies for managing releases and updates1.1.14