Here are links to the official IB pages on teacher/student guidance for Computer Science and other useful documents/sites

The Syllabus

IB Computer Science Teacher Guidance (IBO website)
IB Computer Science Guide (official 2014 syllabus)
IB Computer Science syllabus tick list (editable Excel format)

Grade Boundaries

IB CompSci May 2017 – Grade Boundaries
IB CompSci May 2016 – Grade Boundaries

IB CompSci May 2015 – Grade Boundaries
IB CompSci May 2014 – Grade Boundaries
IB Grade descriptors (e.g. difference between a level 5 and level 7)

Guidance on Java & PseudoCode

JETS – Java rules
IB Pseudocode rules
IB Pseudocode rules – more

Other IB CompSci websites

Here are a few other IB Computer Science sites with great bits and bobs:

Frankfurt International School’s CS pages
Computer Science Wiki


There are only two ‘semi-official’ textbooks are out there for IB CompSci’s 2014 syllabus: