EE in CS

Extended Essays in Computer Science are not easy to do. Computer Science is counted as an experimental science by the IB and thus requires you to do some kind of experiment in the realm of computer science and then report your findings.

As so few students attempt a CS EE every year, coming up with a ‘good’ CS EE topic will be half your struggle. Here is a link to the most recent IB guidance on EEs.

General IB Extended Essay Guidance

Specific IB EE Guidance on Computer Science


Below are 6 examples of CS EEs from our centre that got 29 points or higher (meaning an A grade):

CS EE a – 29 A       CS EE b – 30 A       CS EE c – 30 A

CS EE d – 32 A       CS EE e – 32 A       CS EE f – 34 A


We use this check list to make sure students have done everything needed before turning in:

CS EE Checklist